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Topics include:
  • Risk Management: Taking Blinders Off or Putting them On?
  • Economic Picture Book -- what lies ahead
  • What your kids know about risk management that you’ve forgotten
  • Meeting the Challenge of Increased Systemic Risk: It Starts with a Drop of Rain
  • Evaluating Earnings with an Eagle’s Eye: Refining Forecasts with a Risk Lens
  • Culture Change: Leading through the Risk Looking Glass
  • Putting the Business Back into Business Continuity
  • Shifting From Compliance-Focused to Performance-Focused Risk Management
  • Building Business Focus in Operational Risk Management
  • Performance-Driven IT Risk Management – Making the Shift for Your Business and YOU!
  • Five sure-fire ways to kill insight in risk management
  • Harnessing the Breadth and Depth of GRC to Improve Business Performance
  • Can an Enterprise Live without Risk Management?
  • Learning Now, Not Later: Lessons in Implementing Enterprise-wide Risk Management
  • Board Oversight of Risk Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management: Your Role in Reducing Risk to Business
  • Risk Oversight – Four Functions of Governor
  • Shifting to Performance-Driven Risk Management – Board in the Driver Seat
  • Five Ways to Evaluate the Performance-Focus of Your Operational Risk Management Program
  • Risk Management Frameworks and Practices – Making them Work for YOU
  • 10 Questions in Operational Risk Management and Lessons from other Industries
  • What's Next in Ops Risk Management – 5 Steps to Building the Next Level
  • Four Measures of Governance Health
  • Can You See it Now? – Six Steps to Scenario Analysis
  • Seven Hurdles to Effective IT-Related Business Risk Management
  • Business Change and the Need for IT-Related Business Risk Management
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance – Getting Focused on Performance
  • Auditing Risk Management

Good risk management is...

Building value


Always having a Plan B (and C, D and ...)


The laser eye surgery of business -- it sharpens focus.

Improving agility to more safely seize opportunity.


Managing change, complexity and fatigue.


Systems, dependencies and root causes


Cascading and unfolding situations, not "events"


Powered by the "invite" and "flashlight"


Being humble


Fighting bias to overcome blind spots


Knowing limitations


Creating options to overcome limitations


Knowing the business value of your options


Knowing now, rather than later


Having more time to act


Simple for any kid who loves role-playing computer games


More easily achieving performance objectives





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